Why dogs are better

Before we get started, let’s give credit where it is due. Dogs are the greatest content creators of this era. For a short period, cats almost made us believe that they run the internet. But, no. Dogs worked their asses off to get featured on social media while the fat cats laid around. In the end, dogs won and are now acting too chill about their hard-earned victory.

Anyway, this blogpost is supposed to be talking of various reasons why dogs are better. Better compared to whom? Everybody. People. Cats. Assholes. Everyone out there. Dogs are simply the best. That’s the whole point of this piece here. And if you agree with me, there is no need for you to read any further.

Dogs deserve all the goodness in the world mainly because of two reasons. One, it’s 2021 and we still don’t know who let them out. Secondly, we live in a world where dogs have better people skills than people themselves. Isn’t that singularly the most embarrassing thing for us?

Which brings me to Hitler.

No, no, nothing to do with Godwin’s Law.

Just that some of us remember that gorgeous German shepherd that he had but nobody bothers to know what happened to her. Well, here’s the sad part: Blondi (what an apt name) was poisoned by Hitler himself—before he apparently killed himself—lest she fell into the hands of the enemies as Berlin streets were being painted red. What I find beautiful about this story is how she remained by his side till the very end.

Speaking of streets, let’s not forget our furry friends from the corners. At night, street dogs protect the streets. During daytime, they have to protect themselves. More often than not, they don't want your Parle-G; they are merely looking for somebody to gently pat on their heads or scratch their back. Which is interesting, when you consider the possibility that none of them had ever seen the inside of a house and most probably will be stuck with the sky as a permanent roof.

People tend to complain that street dogs fight a lot. Fair point. They do take their territories seriously but at least they follow the rules of a turf war. And when they gang up, it’s a sight to behold. Oh, and not to forget one langda tyagi who can barely stand still but wants to have a bite of the ongoing action. The funniest thing you can witness is rain disrupting such august gatherings. They fail to understand why it rains on their territories without their permission. But then, monsoon plays a massive role in reminding the street dogs that they are nothing more than street dogs.

Which behooves the fact that India has the second highest number of street dogs in the world, after China. Just like random kindness, these 4-legged creatures are found everywhere here. Although Bangalore is considered to be the most stray-friendly city, what I admire about Mangalore is people leave the street dogs alone. Nobody bothers them. You go to the bus stand and you will find five dogs of different sizes lying around in the middle of the waiting crowd.

On the other side of the spectrum, let’s not forget the horrors. The agony street dogs face was, is and will always remain unspoken. There is no hell. You can only take birth again as a street dog and face the worst that humankind has to offer. That’s the grim reality too. Despite these circumstances, a street dog tend to exhibit more integrity than we do in public. Remember as a kid while going to school, you looked at these poor canines and envied them for their lack of homework? You were sorely mistaken.

Although I grew up with cats, I love dogs. You can raise a dog but a cat doesn't allow you to raise it. I got my camera phone in 2012 and it’s official that I’ve clicked more pictures of street dogs than anything else in the world. No, not even birds in Gurgaon.

Yes, back in the north, I got lucky with Ranga as he became a part of our journey. In case you don’t know who he is, he is our old dog with a cat’s soul. And one of the many benefits of growing old with him is there are very few expectations that separate us two. He will lick my face with the same tongue that he licked his non-existent balls with but it doesn't bother me. Pure love. Same habits continue throughout their entire lives. Your dog might age but never really grows up. And that's actually a blessing.

Lastly, be nice to people and a bit nicer to street dogs. Cats somehow survive gracefully in our cities but dogs have it tough. Real tough. Also, if you are plan to have a pet dog, better adopt from the street. They are resilient and will teach you a thing or two about character.