Are you pure and pious?

Over the past decade, the mainstream media has struggled a lot with the concept of truth. In essence, the journalists weren’t prepared for a world where the commoners would be equipped with an instrument (social media) that would create micro-journos out of anyone with half an kilogram of brain and a smartphone. Now, thanks to the deep penetration of the internet, we receive footage from places the mainstream journalists never bother to venture in. This paradigm shift in perspective has played out rather curiously in a vast country like India: the mainstream simply picks up any chosen narrative and then procures 10-15 stories related to it from faraway lands in the country—to assert that it’s a national event. Quite a fabulous turn of tales, if you may, because you can find congruence in almost everything the editors wish to project here. For example, if power (electricity) theft is to be shown as a national issue, how difficult can it possibly be to get a dozen such stories from different states/territories on the same day? You can replicate this template with anything. Everything, actually.

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