Nothing changes in Gurgaon

When you are a kid, you believe in a lot of bullshit that grown-ups feed you. If you are lucky, you’d shed most of them by the age of 18. After reaching adulthood, you acknowledge slowly that most of the adults don’t really know what they are doing or saying and are simply hoping for the best. Quite a farcical setup. Conversely, inside a pride, the lion knows exactly what is going on. Anyway, that’s also the fun part of childhood: the sheer cluelessness of being. You are basically shaped by the happenings around you as your learning curve becomes steeper with mimicry. Nice folks rub off on you and so do the bad ones as you continue to sprout. Lots of assumptions shall take place too. Without any intervention from a grownup, you might just assume that sweaty folks aren’t to be trusted and that rich folks don’t fart.

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