Unresolved childhood treasures

Parenthood can take a lot away from individuals, even if they consider themselves a unit (read: couples). Raising a child looks like a breeze from the outside, with occasional unruly screams, but a baby can be ruthless in its demand and thankless in its gratitude. The age-old phrase ‘sleeps like a baby’ is a myth and that should tell you everything we, the non-parents, know about parenthood. Simply put, babies are wonderful monsters with smiles that can brighten up your sullen day. I think most expecting couples don’t realize the scale of responsibilities that lie ahead of them for years to come. Maybe they sign up assuming that it’s no big deal. Or maybe they are mentally prepared for the challenge. Who knows? After all, if you are somebody who isn’t OK with drool, piss, poop, puke and related unsavoury sounds, you are not ready yet. But then, your child will make sure that you are perfectly OK with all these bodily functions. Which might be the single greatest miracle of parenthood.

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