Were you expecting this?

When you don’t have it, you crave it. And once you get it, you fantasize about a life without it. In simple words, you are a freaking psycho. According to recent statistics, nearly 15% of the world doesn’t have access to electricity. Imagine living in the Dark Ages in 2021. And yet, there are millions of people who find candlelight dinner romantic. If you ask me, I find this association-cum-infatuation with candles—when electricity is abundantly available—a mental case of wanting to enjoy the thrill of jumping from the airplane without wearing a parachute and most importantly, without jumping at all. It’s ridiculously sweet. You can notice this trend acutely even in the enviable progress of Scandinavian countries. In Denmark, the average person burns almost 6 kg of candles—it’s the highest in the whole of Europe. Outrageous.

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