Where do dreams come from?

For someone who doesn’t show any inclination towards becoming a parent, I do drop a lot of paragraphs on parenthood. In a way, it’s like commoners giving gyaan on how Messi should be running more on the field or what Ambani should do with his wealth. Somebody else’s monkey, somebody else’s circus. Now that we’ve struck a chord, let me dive a bit into an episode that happened on a recent bus ride. The girl seated next to me nonchalantly threw the empty wafer packet out of the window and her father immediately slapped her thigh. I was so relieved to see this unfold; to witness such environmental consciousness in small town folks is no small feat as plastic is a huge menace in the developing parts of India. But my delight was short-lived as he said, “How many times have I told you to throw garbage downwards?” Reminded me of the glorious words uttered by Joey once, “If you are gonna do something wrong, do it right!”

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