Where is your home?

Woody Allen is 86 and still makes on average one film per year. Martin Scorsese is touching 80 and is miles and miles away from retirement. Apart from their prolific and relentless career, what’s common to both these filmmakers is they watch a lot of movies. In fact, their favourite thing to do is absorb cinema as much as possible. This is not uncommon amongst auteurs. The same was true for Ingmar Bergman as well. He watched about three films a day. Didn’t matter which language they were in or what genre they belonged to. It makes sense though: their love for cinema hasn’t changed although they have changed cinema to a large extent. When they were young, they loved watching movies. That magic of the big screen. After growing older, the younger men in them didn’t die. To create something, you need to sacrifice something else. To write, you ought to read a lot too. Maybe the same principle applies to the art of filmmaking.

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